Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's the No. 1 tip you can offer book authors?

Ask the Literary Agent

Question: I'm a non-fiction writer starting to work on my first book project? What advice do you have for me?

Literary Agent Michele Glance Rooney Answers:

The most important step is to research the topic you want to write about so you know what kind of books have already been published on your topic. You want to be certain that what you have to say in your book is fresh and original.
If you fail to take this important step, all the time you spend researching and writing your book will be in vain.
I'm an avid knitter, and I compare this step to the importance of taking time to check your guage. In knitting, it's important to knit a small swatch with your needles and yarn before you embark upon a big project. If your knitting turns out to loose or to tight, you need to adjust your needle size. Failing to take the time to check your guage can cause you to create a sweater that does not fit. Similarly, failing to check the books already in print can cause you to waste precious time and energy on a book project that can't be successfully published.

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ALC said...

The number one tip I would offer to any author searching for an agent is to avoid any agent whose blog is riddled with grammatical errors - such as this one.

It's an especially big tip-off when the errors are such simple ones.